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Making firm decisions

Over the last few months I have had to make some serious changes. Things like diet, relationships and time management.

Most times it’s hard to give up the people and activities you think you can’t go without. I found that I was spending way too much time focusing on a relationship instead of my goals and passions. I noticed this a few years ago but kept telling myself I was wrong.

As for my diet. I can’t say that I'm 100% changed but I can say that each little step fits into a bigger picture. I used to eat tons of fast food. Not because I loved it but because I had a terrible handle on my time management. I would stay up late, try to wake up early and this would make me late... always! This would cause me to eat out a lot. This was never any good.

The last thing was my time management I would spend time trying to do everything in one day or try to cram all my tasks into a single weekend. I’d say things like “my day has 72hrs” and this is how I tried to live. Unfortunately, I was mostly not effective and never actually finished most things I started. Only to have these things end up back on the “to do” list.

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