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My solutions!

Relationship solution

I learned to say no! Not because I didn't want to be around or help or whatever the case was. I just had to realize that I was saying yes to everything. Yes, to favors errands meet-ups kickbacks jams schedule changes. Everything! Don't be afraid to say I'm sorry but I can’t help you this time.

Diet solution

Well I learned that I needed to start with some self-education and observation. I started with the clean eating for dummies book and I learned simple things like understanding food labels and even some cool meal ideas. I also started going to healthy cafe's and trying the healthy options and going to Walmart and purchasing those ingredients. Eating clean also saved me some cash. Green foods and chicken with other fruits and things are much cheaper than buying loads of processed foods that I never needed to even eat. I do still love honey buns though.

Time management solution

Keep a schedule. Now I know this is basic and everyone has tried this hundreds of times. This time I'm getting it to work for me. This is what I did differently. I laid out my typical work schedule first. Then I figured a list of long term goals short term goals and things that need to be completed. I also considered dinner sleep and leisure along with family time and chill time. And I then looked at all the time that was available after work and put these things in there based on importance. I know every day I have got to eat bathe sleep so I plotted that. Then what ever time was left from that I put a step of a goal or assignment. And so on until I had a 7-day fundamental schedule that worked for me.

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